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Thank you for the last 2 days. It’s has been hugely valuable. Thank you.

My biggest take away has been the very notion of ‘behind every action/behaviour is a positive intention’. So in order to create change you need to find an alternative to satisfy that need.

Also the tools are very very good and will be both applying these for myself and to help others. The ability to shift state and physiology but simply moving eyes is incredible.

This course has enabled me to see the importance of developing an understanding of self and others and how to shift from a negative state to a more positive one.

This course has also enabled me to use techniques to be able to really truly empathise with the other point of view and feelings and show understanding to a very deep level that takes you out of your own emotion and into a space whereby you can really show understanding and work to resolve conflict.

I found the delivery of this to be great. Enough balance between theory and practical and I loved the video examples which really bought the eye patterns to life.

I would tell another to definitely attend this because I have seen that you both really know your stuff. Hugely credible but what sets you apart is passion to make a difference. The use of mild hypnosis was also very powerful and watching live breakthroughs in session show it applied and the change was instant which shows this knowledge to be powerful in action. The environment was also very spacious, light, breaks were ample which gave enough time to process and start again. Delivered with a smile and sense of fun yet also creating a space safe to delve into emotional issues was testament that all are welcome and can benefit here. The food was also beautiful.

What could make this course even better. Honestly… it’s very good and I don’t have anything as such to build on. Only to make it more known so others can benefit.

Best wishes


“The training was so easy to apply to my area of work and the daily F&B operations.Amisha, you are doing just great! Keep it up!

F & B Manager, Luxury Hotel

“The training was very relevant to our area of work and the learnings can very easily be applied. It was also very productive use of our time and I am sure that i can add more such trainings to my future. I am now getting things done i a much more productive way.”

HR Manager, Luxury Hotel

“The training was very good in terms of learning, developing my sales skills, understanding team performance and evaluation. The training was very good.”

Sales Manager, Luxury Hotel

“Very useful for day to day operations..Also very easy to implement. There was a lot of participation invited from the team which I enjoyed”

Chief Engineer, Luxury Hotel

“Great programme and the learnings can very easily applied to our area of work. It is essential to have such programmes on regular periodicity. Great Ms Bhardwaj!”

Director Finance, Luxury Hotel

The biggest takeaway was visualizing my goal and the action i need to take to make it happen…i am leaving the course feeling like my chest will burst with motivation and confidence.

i have the confidence and all the resources i need to achieve anything I put my mind to rather than just dreaming about it.

The first half of the first day was hard going with so much information so the practical exercises and application were good to break it up.

I would tell another person to just do it ! everyone would benefit from learning more about themselves, and the many tools available that can help us navigate through the peaks and troughs of life and communicate more effectively. I feel I am now a lot closer to happiness and self-fulfilment.

more practical exercises and application..personal action plan but probably need more time.

thank you so much !!! xxxxx