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Wonderfurl 12 Lb Test Precision Furled Limited time for free shipping with T Fly Excellent Fishing Leader

Wonderfurl 12 Lb Test Precision Furled Fly Fishing Leader with T


Wonderfurl 12 Lb Test Precision Furled Fly Fishing Leader with T

Tapered for Perfect quot;flyline likequot; Turnover

Outlasts Current Tapered Mono Leaders

Allows Gentle, Accurate Presentations

Precise Drag Free Presentation

Tippet Saving Elasticity

Wind Knot Resistant

No Casting Flash

Memory Free




These leaders are in use by our organization personnel, several professional fishing guides, thousands of customers and of course our friends from all over the world who prefer the superior quality of a Wonderfurl leaders. I have been selling these for the past 20 years on eBay and now I am making them available here.

This listing is for a 12 Lb test tapered furled Monofilament flyfishing leader with a ring at the tippet end and a loop built into the large end of the leader which attaches to your fly line via a loop-to-loop method.

The small laser treated, precision made ring on the tippet end of the leader allows you to connect the tippet as frequently as you want without shortening or damaging the furled leader. Our welded tippet rings are very light and incredibly strong. They are perfect for nymph or wet fly fishing, however the dry fly fisherman, using a monofilament leader will be amazed that these metal rings will usually float on the surface. Because this furled leader offers such an efficient transfer of power, you can expect to cast very long tippets and effectively turn over large and small flies. Amazingly long leader / tippet lengths of up to 15 feet or more (3.6m) are possible.

Much of what you read or have been told about leaders is just a lot of hype, but believe me - this is NOT JUST ANOTHER LEADER. Read below why our leaders will outperform and outlast the poorly made and highly advertised furled and store bought leaders that most people end up with.

More About Wonderfurl Leaders

If you have never heard of or have never seen a furled leader don#39;t feel alone. Most fly fishermen buy whatever the fly shop has in stock and are never told about the superior attributes of furled leaders. Quite simply said, after trying one, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. For over 25 years, fishing guides from all over the world have used our Wonderfurl leaders. They say the best way to keep their clients on fish is to keep them on target, in the water with the fewest wind knots, break-offs, and with least amount of leader / tippet / fly retying delays, as possible. These guides have found that Wonderfurl leaders solve 95% of these problems. Nobody does leaders better than Wonderfurl Leaders!

Embark on the journey below which explains in detail why Wonderfurl Leaders are the best leaders made and why guides and customers return year after year to order more - read on and be enlightened.

The ultimate fly fishing leader is a furled or woven leader, because it will greatly improve your casting accuracy and your presentation from beginner to expert alike. Wonderfurl Leaders will build tremendous confidence the first time a beginner uses them. In the hands of a veteran fly caster you will swear you are watching Brad Pitt in the movie “A River Runs through It”. I know, Brad didn#39;t actually do the casting.

The least understood element of a fly fisherman’s equipment is the leader. Anglers spend large sums of money on rods, reels, and even fly lines, but place relatively little emphasis on the element of tackle that is second only to the fly in proximity to their fish: the leader. Most flyfishermen spend less than a few dollars on a mass produced single strand of tapered leader, and then wonder why their aggregate system will not accomplish all the things expected of it. Don’t overlook your leader or underestimate its importance. It makes little sense to weaken a wonderful and sometimes expensive, array of equipment costing sometimes hundreds of dollars, by forcing yourself to rely on a cheap inferior leader.

Wonderfurl leaders are knotless and will efficiently transmit the energy of the cast every time and because our furled leaders are knotless; there are fewer lump-and-bumps to get tangled up. These tapered leaders are limp enough to turn over with the slightest energy, resulting in a very accurate presentation. With their streamlined taper and spiraled profile, Wonderfurl Leaders are less affected by wind than other knotted leaders. The weight distribution of the leader mimics the gradual, tapered transition from a tapered fly line to the leader and therefore, has the same effect, therefore aiding the leader in turning over. Energy is what moves fly line, and the efficient transfer of that energy from the rod to the line and leader / tippet to the fly in the course of the cast is critical to placing the fly accurately where you want it.

Let me restate what is said above a different way. Tapered fly lines and furled leaders are more effective than store bought leaders in transferring energy through the cast because furled leaders easily transition from the thicker, heavier, and stiffer fly line to a thinner lighter and more flexible furled leader and then tippet to the fly. Because the weight distribution of the furled leader mimics the fly line out to the tippet, the transition of energy or its power maintains your line speed and makes casting easier and more accurate and predictable. The transition from a fly line that weighs several times that of the average leader material to the tippet and then the fly can be a major problem if the wrong leader is used.

The bottom line is, the energy of the cast is what moves the fly to the target, so the efficient transfer of that energy from the rod, to the fly line, to the furled leader, to the tippet and then ultimately to the fly in the course of the cast is critical. Furled leaders make this process intuitively simple compared to traditional curly single strand store bought leaders.

Standard tapered leaders do not adequately transfer the power of the cast to the tippet and fly, often resulting in short or wayward casts, especially in windy conditions. This is not the case with Wonderfurl leaders. If the leader is unable to turn over the fly, the line is possibly hinging or has lost energy and is prematurely terminating in the collapse of the casting loop and possibly causing a tangled mess. The simplest way to minimize casting failure is to form a gradual transition to the fly. This gradual transition of the leader is best done by the Wonderfurl leader, which will slow the speed of the loop until it unfolds, and often presents the fly at the end of a series of quot;Squot; curves on the water, allowing the fly to float without the added drag of the line. The transitional taper of the Wonderfurl leader is carefully matched to the weight of your fly line so you will slow the speed of both the fly and the leader, which means you won’t hit the water with a high impact splash. Also, the taper of the leader will slow down the fly so that it does not spin into a spiral or snap like a whip at the end of your back-cast.

Wonderfurl leaders provide unmatched over-strike protection because of the superior elasticity. Throw those shock tippets away! Just hold the butt end in one hand and the fine tip in the other hand. Now carefully outstretch your arms and feel the natural resiliency built into this leader (do not exceed leader strength). Don’t loose that really big fish of a lifetime in the last few feet of landing him when lots of pressure is applied. With other types of leaders, your tippet will usually part ways with that trophy when that much pressure is applied. Our leaders will absorb a lot of that energy, which is not the case with standard extruded quot;store boughtquot; tapered leaders, knotted hand-made leaders or the quot;Thread stylequot; furled leaders that some are making in their garage. It is better to be safe with our automated premium quality furled leaders instead of a single-strand leader or the inferior quot;home-madequot; knockoff leaders.

Wonderfurl leaders have been engineered to give you unparalleled performance and presentation on the water. The automated equipment we use to produce our leaders is strictly monitored during the production process. These leaders are carefully assembled to very strict tolerances which was developed and fine tuned over a span of more than 20 years. By automating what use to be a very labor intensive, hand-made operation, we have eliminated many of the inconsistent results found with other similar furled leaders. The staff at Wonderfurl Leaders produces thousands of leaders every year and have never had one returned for a refund or replacement! Don’t be fooled by others with inferior hand-made leaders who claim to make a quality product. Most furled leaders are tapered down only 3 times from the butt end (fly line end) to the tippet end. Wonderfurl Leaders have a carefully designed 5-step taper with the best line available for the very best possible transfer of power from your fly rod to the fly. By using quality components, the longevity of our leaders is superior to what others can produce. Keep in mind that not all furled leaders are created equal. Others have tried to duplicate our leaders with marginal to poor results. Our biggest concern is that someone will purchase a poorly designed furled leader made with poor quality materials from one of our competitors and then go back to a standard leader because the furled leader fails to live up to the claims. Get a Wonderfurl Leader first and you will never use the home-made and store-bought extruded leaders again! I GUARANTEE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

Wonderfurl multifilament furled tapered leaders are superior to braided leaders. A braided leader is not a furled leader. Braided leaders have a hollow center (no-core) which tends to soak up water like a leaky pipe. The waterlogged leader will quickly sink, which will drag a dry fly underwater and will become heavy while nymphing. A Waterlogged leader will create a quot;rooster tailquot; spray of water, which can put down the fish let alone prove devastating to your casting performance. Ultimate furled leaders are different because the furling is accomplished by weaving, twisting (twining) and looping nearly 100 feet of premium line tightly, so it has no hollow core. In short, since furled leaders have no hollow core, they don#39;t absorb water and therefore pick cleanly off the water. No spray from this leader.

Wonderfurl leaders are also “wind knot” resistant, which is not the case with standard tapered monofilament style leaders.

The length of the tippet material tied to the furled leader varies according to the angler#39;s preference and casting ability, but usually a three to six foot length is adequate for most fishing conditions. A shorter length of tippet for nymphing and wet flies, and longer for dry flies. The combination of tippet material and furled leader can produce an exceptional overall length of 10 to 15 feet.

Unlike standard extruded tapered leaders, you won’t have to worry about the leader breaking at the knot as the knotless multiple strands of line will hold up to the sudden hard surges so common with larger fish. Many customers tell us about the large fish over 20 pounds that are caught on our 12 pound test furled leaders.

Wonderfurl leaders are woven tighter than other furled leaders on the market.
This enhances the effectiveness of the leader by insuring you get a very strong, soft, quiet, powerful and superbly accurate landing of your flyfishing leader - Simply Awesome!

This is not a quot;single-seasonquot; throw-away leader, so expect to use our leaders for much longer than normal. The built-in elasticity of a Wonderfurl leader creates less stress on the leader with the multiple line configuration sharing the stress of a large fish. Less stress means the leader will last longer (you spend less money on replacement leaders). In addition, with fresh, new, quality materials and careful construction, this leader will last a minimum of four times longer than a comparable off-the-shelf leader that rarely will last a season. Even though Wonderfurl leaders cost a little more money, they actually save you money in the long run compared to standard leaders because they last so much longer. Component cost for furled leaders is much higher than the cost of single strand leaders.

We also offer fluorocarbon leaders from 6 Lb test up to 30 Lb test.


Wonderfurl 12 Lb Test Precision Furled Fly Fishing Leader with T

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